Leaph Retailer Application

We are so happy you’d like to become a retailer! Below are our application, wholesale terms, and additional information.



The Basics

  • $400 minimum opening order

  • $200 minimum reorder within 6 months

  • Our wholesale rate is 60% of the retail value- both prices will be clearly displayed throughout the order process. Due to the high demand, as well as the amount of time it takes to create our felt flowers, we feel this is an appropriate wholesale rate for our product. To be clear- a $300 order is the equivalent to $500 in retail value

  • Your order will arrive 7-14 business days (unless stated otherwise)


  • Wholesale orders are completed via a mobile-friendly password-protected section of our website

  • Your password is given in your welcome email, if accepted

Additional Information

  • Your business info is clearly listed on our website and social media

  • COMING SOON- Exclusive tips & tricks videos just for retailers

  • COMING SOON- Name tags for stems to make it easier for retailers & shoppers to become familiar with our flower names

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Your Name
For example- as a fun accessory with something you already offer, a small "you-pick" flower display, or something more?