Christopher Blake
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I’m currently most well known for my felt florals. Started in 2015 as a playful gift for my wife, Leaph Boutique has grown into something we never expected.

Now available in various retail locations across the South, Leaph features many faux floral & botanical solutions handcrafted entirely from felt.

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With each stem being handcrafted, this means every flower is unique. Each petal and leaf is cut by hand, making Leaph the perfect gift for family, friends, teachers, coworkers, & much more!

What makes it even MORE special? You can add your own special touch by creating a custom arrangement. YOU get to be part of the creation!


It’s all about the flowers.

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"I must have flowers, always and always."

— Claude Monet


Ever since that first arrangement, we knew we stumbled across something special. Our hope is to offer a creative alternative to natural flowers, while always staying inspired by actual botanicals.

Leaph was created by Blake- a full-time artist and designer. He is occasionally assisted by his beautiful wife, Claiborne, who works as a nurse.